Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm alive! Alive!

Very tardy - but not by choice. Beholden to the behemoth that is Google I could not access my blog for months. The email account I had when I created this blog is no longer active (and for the longest time I couldn't remember which account I used)and of course I forgot my password, and when seeking assistance the prompts were automatically being sent to the old email address. An address I forgot about, and when I did remember could not access.

I sought recourse and assistance in the only place possible - the user forums. What a graveyard of digital mishaps live there. Other saps like me who lived in this digital space at one time but are now lost, voiceless, and unable to defend their points and positions. Many accounts just flapping in the wind because of access issues. So much digital air floating in cyberspace with no owner, no moderater, at the mercy of hackers and flackers filling up the comments; a cesspool of comments - lurid, rude, exploitive and dismissive messages awaiting a rejection cleansing that may never come! Psst - there are ways to remember your password AND the e-mail account you first used. Hmmm - good advice - I should rmember these things, I should maintain a password file, get a global sign on ID - good advice if given BEFORE my memory defaulted!

For months my stream of thought on the web was disrupted - I was about to create a new blog and set this one out there as a runaway that I would have to refer to but not own. But no need now - for the moment - I am back in, and can demonstrate a webpulse, and I am alive again on the web. Now I just have to go through a bit of rehab, build up the social muscles again and find a renewed interest in continuing this digital monologue.