Friday, June 23, 2006

Antonia Zerbisias - Toronto Star On Net Neutrality

azerbic - Antonia Zerbisias - Toronto Star Blog:

Antonia Zerbesias, Toronto Star columnist has weighed in on the issue of net neutrality - and as she says "there is no neutrality on this" issue.

As I've mentioned in previous blog entries, this is an extremely importnat issue that will affect all of us for a long, long (till death and beyond) time.

If you can't find anything on TV worth watching on those 500 channels you have to pay for from your cable/sateellite provider (though you only watch 10 regularly, if that) just think of what the internet will be like when the telcos take over. They will be in there "shaping" what you get to see, redirecting you to their preferred customers, and restricting the access speeds to the premiium accounts. Free access, free speech, free sharing, networking and remixing - will be diminished if not altogether destroyed. Telus has already blocked us from viewing websites critical of their union busting activities. Just a sign of things to come should they and their cabal get control of the Internet pipes.

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