Thursday, February 01, 2007

Blackboard Backs Off

Chalk up a win for the educational community against the unwarranted and altogether ridiculous attempt by Blackboard to claim the history of educational technology for itself. The doors to open learning are now open once more.

Announcing the Blackboard Patent Pledge - a promise to never assert its issued or pending course management system software patents against open source software or home-grown course management systems. This Blackboard Pledge is legally binding, irrevocable and worldwide in scope.

As part of the Pledge, Blackboard promises never to pursue patent actions against anyone using such systems including professors contributing to open source projects, open source initiatives, commercially developed open source add-on applications to proprietary products and vendors hosting and supporting open source applications.

Blackboard is also extending its pledge to many specifically identified open source initiatives within the course management system space whether or not they may include proprietary elements within their applications, such as Sakai, Moodle, ATutor, Elgg and Bodington.

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