Thursday, March 02, 2006

Apple Bites! iTunes U vs. educational freedom

OK - isn't it only natural that mobile learning should evolve and the IPod is part of the package? And of course Apple - Education - iTunes U wants to, in their words " advance teaching, learning, and research through innovation, and engage and empower students.... a campus environment that accommodates their digital lifestyle, adapts to their individual learning needs, and encourages collaboration and teamwork."

But as Scott Granneman, educator and internet security specialist points out, Apple is not telling the whole story - failing to inform us about the limitations thanks to their use of Digital Rights Manager technology. As Scott explains,

"Apple's successful iTunes Music Store, in addition to forcing users to accept a pretty sonically-limited format with a proprietary DRM scheme called "FairPlay" which limits what you can do with the music you buy, leaving Apple in charge of your music, not you. Want to play a song you purchased from iTMS on a device other than an iPod? Uh-uh. Want to load music onto an iPod using something other than iTunes? Silly boy."

Want to transfer that lecture mateial? Want to make copies for future use? Ahh, no, can't do that. So much for using iPods for learning. What we have here, again, is third party control of our learning - just another box to lock in learning and diminish learner freedom.

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