Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Net Equality Threatened

The World Wide Web will no longer be an "open information space" if broadband providers abandon Net neutrality, says WWW inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

In an interview with Canada's Toronto Star, he says he's, " 'very concerned' about North America phone and cable giants desire to collect so-called Web tolls from content suppliers and e-commerce companies that want assured access to broadband subscribers," ...if a supplier of downloaded video pays to connect to a particular set of consumers who are connected to a particular cable company. It would no longer be an open information space.
"The whole point of the Web is when you arrive it's more or less the same for everybody. That integrity is really essential. ... I'm very concerned."

Supporters of Net neutrality includeGoogle, Microsoft and Amazon who argue that resist the "idea of a tiered Internet - where how much one pays determines the level of access to an online consumer - arguing it would stymie online innovation."

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