Wednesday, May 03, 2006

'Skypecasts' Allow 100-Person Conferencing

'Skypecasts' Allow 100-Person Conferencing

Skype ready to roll out free audio conferencing for up to 100 users; also for a fee they will allow their new version to send text messages to cellphones.


ChinaLawBlog said...

This could be huge for bloggers and podcasters. We already had one of our blog readers suggest we do a big Q&A skype session. I'm intrigued, but also a bit skeptical about the logistics.

China Law

michael hotrum said...

Skype has proven itself in the past, and altho this product is in beta stage, I am sure it will perform well. At our institution we just acquired the license for Elluminate - an excellent audio/tele conferencing tool. Skypecast is a "free" threat to such products. I don't doubt Google has their eyes on skype.