Tuesday, July 04, 2006

PLE independent electronic student record

Derek Morrison continues with his discussion of the PLE:

Auricle: "With regard to the PLE and its relationship to the current MLE/VLEs one of the mental hurdles we perhaps have to overcome first is the belief that the centre needs to remain owner of the information rather than the vehicle for its dissemination to persons and their own devices and environments. "

I couldn't agree more. derek goes on to make the comparison with the proposed health smart cards - they contain personal info in control of the health user, that can be linked to and integrate with a central system but are independent - "substitute the Phillips article's Electronic Patient Record (EPR) for Electronic Student Record (ESR). "

I am also in agreement with derek's observation that we have to stop "thinking of the next generation of VLEs as evolutionary iterations of what we currently have, i.e. first generation VLEs with bits added on." The LMS is not the framework of the PLE.

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