Thursday, July 06, 2006

Podcasts and forum for ESS

The Bazaar - Bazaar project � Sounds of the Bazaar No. 2
Graham Atwell has given those of us exploring educational social software another avenue of learning. He is recording and delivering a series of podcasts, and created an open forum for fellow travellers of ESS. I commend him for it and have posted a comment on his site that I have copied below - for the sake of keeping my own (shared) copy:

Graham - these podcasts are an excellent additional access route to your thinking and ideas. I can sit and much my lunch while listening to you rather than wade through rigid lines of text.
The "learn and play" concepts proposed by John Sealey Brown are in evidence all around us. Having worked in the corporate and educational sector as a learning designer/training consultant I have seen evidence of informal learning and organized learning.I have seen people learning through play, sharing, mentoring and advising. I've been involved in attempts at "organizing" informal learning in the workplace without limiting participant freedom and destroying the creativity of the moment. I have attempted to "assess" such learning, and make it an example of ROI. I have also struggled to find my own place in the picture of learning - as a learning designer. My behaviourist training and education often works against my natural connectivist, constructivist nature. Different forms of "pedagogy" come into play - heutagogy, connectivism, constructivism, - demanding new approaches that question the concepts and practices of control, ownership, security, "packaged" learning, instructional objectives, formative and summative testing, competencies. In short, my professional and lifelong learning lives are in flux, what was once solid is now fluid, and seeking a form - but not form with borders or containment - more of a form of intention, desire, searching. It is a chaotic time for me, transformative and challemging. But it just seems right, as if for too long I've been working and applying within restraints that are foreign to my nature. I'm glad there are fellow travellers like yourself to take the journey with.

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