Friday, September 08, 2006

Dave Cormier P.E.I Ed Teker

Maintaining a blog is no mean feat. Sharing in the bandwagon, clarion calling and rabble rousing against those that would hamper and those that ignore the opportunities afforded by open learning, open content is even harder. And then there's trying to keep up with all the info floating in the blogosphere. Ohh, and having a regular life and job with all the concommitant responsibilities. And I think, sometimes, that I'm doing a great job (patting myself on the back) and making great strides in my understanding and disseminating until, UNTIL, I run into those who are doing even more - and seem to be doing it without breaking a sweat.

Of course I would cite the Supersurfer of it all - Stephen Downes - who seems to be everywhere and commenting on everything at the same time (impossible? Ok,hmmm he's now "sitting on the porch at the guest (Africa) Bloem, about to leave for a Free State Braii," and still sharing it all with us.).

And of course there are others - like Dave Cormier, tucked away in Canada's smallest province but contributing big time to the cause.

I'm installing and implementing a series of Elgg sessions (for teaching and for community building objectives) here at the University of Alberta, and Dave Tosh (developer of Elgg) referred me to dave Cormier.

I Skyped Dave C. and we had a great talk as he multitasked giving me advice, sending me refrences and stepping me through his world of blogging and networking - especially his Edtech talk interviews (and don't miss number 60 the one with Terry Anderson, my ex professor, fellow Edmontonian and mentor.

But there's more - what is Dave doing?
This is dave's educational blog

This is dave's movie show

This is the educational technology show that dave hosts with jeff lebow

This is the webcast academy

This is the community that dave works with worldbridges

This is the educational show that dave hosts with Jeff

This is bonnie's (dave's partner) blog, the crib chronicles.
This is the flicker account for Oscar , dave's son.

Dave - slow down, chill a bit. It just can't be that healthy being that productive. Can it??

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Josie said...

Dave can’t slow down; he’s the unstoppable edublog machine. Plus, his kid can’t walk/commandeer the keyboard yet.