Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Open space conference in New Zealand

Otago Polytechnic has initiated a traveling open space conference called The Future of Learning in a Networked World. It features online and face to face sessions combined with an online presence and a travelling roadshow across the islands of New Zealand.

International speakers will come to Dunedin on September 18 to 20, then travel as a roadshow to participating institutions to continue open space meetings with local audiences.

This event coincides with the annual meeting of the Teach and Learn Online network being held in Dunedin on September 18, and eFest being held in Wellington September 27 to 29.

Between these dates the group will travel to Christchurch, Northland, Auckland and end up in Wellington, continuing the discussions, recording, blogging and publishing ideas and models to the wider audience along the way.

Conference tour coordination is being conducted by Otago Polytechnic Educational Development Centre and Orbit Travel, Dunedin; University of Otago HEDC (Higher Educational Development Centre) and Dunedin College of Education."

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