Sunday, October 28, 2007

Trust test: Blogs or Websites?

I have repetitive stress injury, and need to investigate a new mouse and keyboard that can help with my condition. I went to Google, searched on ergonomic keyboards and received a number of hits - websites, mostly corporate or trade journals with reviews (paid for? promotions?) - extremely limited and not very helpful. So, I decide to search on blogs - and my first hit is a real Hit - Amy Hengst who maintains a blog devoted to home treatment for RSI . And lo and behold she has a comprehensive, informative list (and up to date) on ergonomic keyboards.

So here is my opinion drawn from this search experience. Websites are primarily corporate, designed to deliver a message leading to a sale, and often dated. The weblog - personal ones - can be corporate and sales driven but then there are also gems like Amy's where the message is up to date and more important than the sale. She as a blogger wants to share information and experience, not generate a sale. So for this trust test I side with the weblog.

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Amy said...

Michael, Thanks for this wonderful testimonial. I'm pleased to know that you found my blog to be a good resource. It's still in its infant stages but will steadily grow into a more comprehensive site, at least that is my hope.

I have also found in online research that many web sites are corporate and that the real information has to be sifted out of people's personal blogs or the media news. There are some good RSI related sites up, run by folks like me who have learned in the process of treating their own injuries and going through the system. I will have to provide some links in the coming weeks. Feel free to let me know if there's any info in particular you're looking for! Take care and wish you the best. --Amy