Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Oracle in support of open source Sakai LMS

How loud a message is this for Blackboard? Oracle obviously isn't concerned about any patent action. Free enterprise to the rescue of free and open source learning.
The Sakai Foundation announces that Oracle has become a Sakai Commercial Affiliate.

Oracle plans to assist in the development of the Sakai code, including soliciting requirements and design concepts from the thousands of institutions using Oracle technology and application products. Oracle expects to provide products and services that can integrate with the open source Sakai software, including Oracle� Collaboration Suite, Oracle Personal Portfolio, Oracle�s PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions, and PeopleSoft Enterprise Gradebook. In addition, Oracle intends to join key discussion groups and, in the spirit of the open source community, participate in the planning process for Sakai�s future product roadmaps. "

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