Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sony Mylo: My Life Online

Sony introduced Mylo, a personal communicator that plays music and supports instant messaging and VoIP communications via services such as Google Talk, eBay’s Skype, and Yahoo Messenger over a Wi-Fi network.

Mylo,“my life online,” includes a directory of Wi-Fi networks across the US, a QWERTY keyboard, and 2.4-inch color LCD screen.

People can store up to 90 of their friends’ instant messaging avatars so they can see who is online whenever they connect via the Skype, Google, or Yahoo instant-messaging services. It also includes an HTML browser,email and Skype. Skype is offering free SkypeOut calls to most regular phone numbers across the U.S. and Canada through the end of the year.

Analysts suggest that the device will appeal to users with ready access to free Wi-Fi hot spots who can fully take advantage of the Mylo’s free calling, instant messaging, and web-surfing capabilities.

“The limitation is that you need an open hot spot to do anything useful,” said Mr. Greengart. “There’s no question that there are open hot spots around, but your proximity to one will determine your likelihood of purchasing the Mylo.”

But with more and more cities starting to offer free wi fi for their citizens, this is the type of device we need. Maybe it could also house a portable, personal e-portfolio?

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