Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Alberta Supernet Research Alliance - Broadband to the masses

The Alberta Supernet Research Alliance website is designed to keep the populace up to date on the progress of the various groups working on the design and implementation of the Supernet broadband network in Alberta. This is a commendable project seeking to wire all municipalities – urban and rural, large and small – into a high speed network. People can access all resources and view a geographic display indicating their town and the status of the network in that area.

It is also an informational website with areas for alliance members to update their research activity and a discussion forum for “other” members (like myself) who are not part of the alliance groups to also add their two cents into a discussion forum. But –alas - the only “interactive communications” area – the discussion forum – comes up as “not found”.

Extremely limited personailization -The profile screen shown in the screenshot area above allows me to enter name and associated organization; a photo can be added but it just goes to the random images that are displayed as the web pages change. There is also no way to search for members - online or in database.

Would this qualify as a virtual community or an informational website. Hmmm -
Virtual community – 5%
Informational website – 95%

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