Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Twenty Educational Applications Of Social Software

Educational Social Software: Twenty Ways
1. Create learning environment using Flock, Moodle
2. Free data storage on Ourmedia.org
3. Build profile, community on Elgg.net or Barnraiser.org
4. Collaboratively create annotated map using Imanote.uiah.fi
5. Team communication via Socialtext.org (email, weblog,wiki,IM)
6. Collaborative document development via wikicities.com or bliki.com
7. Share bookmarked resources using Rojo.com
8. Find mobile team members using Active Campus (IM on cell phones)
9. Common calendar thanks to Calendars Net
10 Shared reminders, files, resources posted to Backpack.com
11. Audio/video conferencing via Quorum Tools or Elluminate
12. Build a learning community using Community zero
13. Learn anywhere thanks to Java enabled PDA, Cell phone
14. Mentoring/coaching through Ask Me Enterprise, coachingplatform
15. Map e-mail activity and discover level of connection with Visiblepath.com
16. Find friend of a classmate to billet with at Dodgeball.com
17. Book face to face meeting through Meetup.com
18. Visually map the social network among students using Netvis.org
19 Visually map file sharing network using InFlow.com
20. Post reflections about learning experience at Blogger.com

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