Thursday, December 15, 2005

Elgg - Leading Social Software - Learning Landscape

Announcing Elgg - your personal learning landscape. Drop by and claim some virtual real estate and begin inviting the neighbours over!

Link by contact, not content. Create a blog – create a profile – cite your areas of interest – find and link to others with similar interests – post pictures – create a personal presence, form relationships, engage in discussions, create your own communities!

That’s right, you heard right! Not only can you build your own personal space, you can also build a community! Bring people and resources together around a common theme. Create study groups, tutorials, research collaborations etc. All members in a community can contribute. Each community comes equipped with a community blog, file repository, wiki, syndication and access privileges.

What else you say? You want more ? This is already the best example of social software I've evr seen? What more do you want? A group calendar? You got it And we'll also throw in

1) A file repository

2) Syndication

3) Tagging/Folksonomy

4) Podcasting

Get it now! Over 3,000 are already there awaiting your arrival. And it is absolutely free! Yes FREE - Social Software at it’s best – Elgg.

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