Tuesday, December 06, 2005

From E-Learning 1.0 to E-Learning 2.0

The Past E-learning 1.0 to the Future E-Learning 2.0
1. Moving from Preprogrammed/behavouristic To Connectedness/ constructivist
2. Moving from Centralized To Localized
3. Moving from Institutionalized To Personalized
4. Less Teacher control More Student control
5. Not just Teacher to Student But T to S, S to S, S to T, S to C
6. Not just Content based Now Relationship based
7. Not a Push But a Pull, attract
8. Redefine Course, program To Learning “molecules”, connections
9. From Knowledge capital To Social capital
10. Not Limiting freedom But Expanding freedom
11. No longer an Instructor Now a Learning analyst
12. From Instructional designer To Learning experience architect
13. Expand ISD To ELSD Experiential learning Systems Design (o.k. acronym has flashbacks)
14. No to WebCT Yes to Elgg, Flock

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