Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Online Collaboration And SOHO Web Conferencing: Acrobat Connect

Online Collaboration And SOHO Web Conferencing: Acrobat Connect Is The New Reference - Robin Good's Latest News

Adobe has ushered in the new standard - meshing the power of Breeze and web conferencing into the Acrobat reader. If you have the reader, you can web conference - no other installation required. And at$39/month for up to 15 users this is a very, very competitive price. Flat-rate monthly or annual pricing for both web and teleconferencing.

Key traits include “always-on” personal meeting rooms, the leveraging of the ubiquitous Flash Player software available on over 97 percent of all Internet-enabled desktops, availability at one-click distance inside Adobe Acrobat 8 and on the Adobe Reader 8 toolbar, screen-sharing, 2-party video, text-chat, integrated tele-conferencing, live annotation and easy invitation management.

Integrated VoIP, videoconferencing, layout customization, full PowerPoint presentation support and many others are all available in the Connect Professional version to be released by 2007.

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