Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Open Content Alliance Expands Rapidly; Reveals Operational Details

Open Content Alliance Expands Rapidly; Reveals Operational Details: "October 31, 2005 — Just a few weeks after its launch, the Open Content Alliance ( has already added dozens of new members to its Open Library project ( (For background on OCA, see the NewsBreak “Open Content Alliance Rises to the Challenge of Google Print” at Twenty-four new participants have joined the initial 10 founding members. All contributors have committed to donating services, facilities, tools, and/or funding. Microsoft Corp. has joined the effort with the announcement of MSN Book Search, a new mass book digitization project. (For coverage, see the companion NewsBreak, “Microsoft Launches Book Digitization Project—MSN Book Search” at The Research Libraries Group (RLG;, a major library bibliographic utility, has also joined OCA, contributing its bibliographic metadata. In contrast with Google Print’s close-mouthed policy toward its proprietary digitization equipment, the Open Content Alliance has released extensive details on its Scribe system, as well as other options for participants and users. "

To see an example of a scanned book, the interface and process and explanation of the aliiance see this link.

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