Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Web 3.0? Self-Organizing Content

Yet Another Meme: The Web 3.0 Label Highlights Self-Organizing Content - Shore Communications Inc. - News Analysis:

"Already tired from a year's worth of Web 2.0 buzz John Markoff of The New York Times is spinning out Yet Another Meme - a 'yam' known as Web 3.0. In Markoff's eyes the new game in content is to push out concierge-like services that analyze Web content to discern much deeper patterns of meaning and more intuitive results for answer-seekers. It's all pretty true stuff, but it's also stuff that's been under development for a long, long time - and is not likely to provide quick payoffs any time soon. In the meantime publishing-empowered users are organizing content themselves and coming up with some pretty compelling insights of their own."

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