Monday, December 18, 2006

Save the Internet: New Activist Movie

Save the Internet Blog:

From blog -
"How do you take an issue that can seem geeky, remote, and impossible to explain and translate it into a compelling story that gets the attention it deserves?
That was the challenge we faced in directing the latest video, Independence Day — which premiered Dec 18 on YouTube and

But from the moment we first doodled this flying saucer image onto a napkin, we thought we might be onto something. More than just a visual gimmick, the UFO frame fits the battle for Net Neutrality surprisingly well. First, because the phone and cable companies really are aliens to our democracy. They’re the ones who want to overrun our Congress to change the way the Internet works — replacing the “level playing field” we know today their “gatekeeper” system.And secondly because they’re phony “Astroturf” groups have been disguising themselves as Internet-friendly activists (”Invasion of the Body Snatchers”-style) that are actually paid front groups. Hands off the Internet may look and talk like us – but watch for the telltale green pods hidden in their back yards…

And lastly, the whole “Mars Attacks” theme helps to communicate something fundamental: that there’s a battle going on for the future of the Internet, and that citizens need to inform themselves and take action. "

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