Thursday, October 05, 2006

Killswitch - your system is dead!

� What Microsoft still isn�t saying about WGA and Volume Activation 2.0 All about Microsoft

Awww c'mon, this is just getting out of hand. The next generation of Microsoft products will be checking your system for any unauthorized software and if detected you have x amount of days to rectify or system will be shut down! Big brother in the belly of your beast waiting to slap you down. Couldn't Microsoft make better use of time and resources - likee working on making their products better, more secure AS A PRODUCT?

"The Software Protection Platform, according to a Microsoft Volume Activation 2.0 FAQ that I saw recently, includes the following: “An Activation Service, client services and API that ship in Vista, and tools and technologies designed to better protect software through stronger security measures.” What kinds of code-protection technologies are we talking? “Code protection technologies such as tamper resistance, code obfuscation, and anti-reverse engineering measures have been considerably strengthened for Vista. The SP Platform has enabled Vista to improve software security, including new product activation technologies and policies for Retail, Volume, and OEM customers.”

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