Friday, October 27, 2006 - How long will Toronto's wireless network be free?

Toronto gets it right, then wrong - yes it is wifi as a public service using publicly paid for infrastructure but no they shouldn't be charging a fee back to the taxpayer - Another missed opportunity. Graham Longford, a post-doctoral research fellow in the Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto, and a co-investigator with the Community Wireless Infrastructure Research Project (CWIRP)and Andrew Clement,professor in the Faculty of Information Studies, U of T, and a co-investigator with CWIRP wrote the article the snippet below is from, see full article here:

...We believe the commercialization of THT's WiFi service wastes a golden opportunity for the city to be truly innovative, and violates Toronto Hydro's public interest obligations as a city-owned utility. That city council and Mayor David Miller have given their blessing to THT's approach makes this an issue for political debate.

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