Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Second Life in growth stage

Second Life now has a population of over 800,000, and more than a hundred of them are earning a real-world, full-time living selling virtual land, clothes, or offering virtual services, notably sex…. Major League Baseball, Harvard University, American Apparel Inc., Telus, have opened operations in "Second Life,". Anshe Chung, a virtual character created by a Chinese-German businesswoman netted more than $100,000 last year trading and leasing land in desirable "Second Life" locations.
How does Linden, the company behind Second Life make money?
Land is limited. It costs $10 a month to own 500 virtual square meters, in addition to the one-time cost of purchasing developed real estate from speculators. The company also makes commissions from operating "Second Life's" currency exchange. "Linden dollars" trade at a fluctuating rate against the U.S dollar — right now it's about US$1 to L$280.
Users own the intellectual property rights to the things they design there. That has attracted tech-savvy designers who craft landscapes of stunning beauty and build objects of infinite cunning.
Apparently most folks just want a nice home with a beach and waterfront in a warm climate. At least they can afford it in Second Life - for now.

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