Friday, October 27, 2006

Utopia Municipal Fiber Network Lo cost Hi speed in US

From Sascha Meinrath - UTAH - UTOPIA is an 14-city consortium serving hundreds of thousands of people. As UTOPIA user, Brad Thurber sums up, ""The speeds are insane... We've been on the system for a month now and there has been absolutely no down time." According to Utopia's website, "As a minimum, UTOPIA will deliver 100 Mbps of bandwidth to every connected home and 1 Gbps of bandwidth to every business." Services are already available at 10Mbps for $39.95/month , 15Mbps for $44/month , or get Internet, Phone, and Cable services for around $90-120/month .

Lest you think it's just the independent ISPs getting in on the act, AT&T plans on the Utopia network that are an order of magnitude better than their regular service plans . In other words, UTOPIA is demonstrating that municipal ownership of network infrastructure dramatically lowers customer pricing while, at the same time, providing faster services.

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